Beyond Content: The Rise of AI in Transforming Learning Modalities


Dr markus
AI Strategist | Consultant | Board Advisor | Keynote Speaker
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    Wed, May 29, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Join us for the webinar "Beyond Content: The Rise of AI in Transforming Learning Modalities," where we'll explore the revolutionary impact of AI on professional training and development. In this session, we will explore how AI-driven technologies are right now moving beyond mere content creation to redefining how learning content is delivered and experienced. From personal tutors and performance support, to sophisticated simulations, we’ll discuss the integration of conversational and experiential AI that is setting new standards in training and development, making learning more personalized, dynamic, and effective.

We will showcase real-world examples and the latest advancements in AI technologies that facilitate diverse learning modalities,. This webinar is designed for professionals seeking to leverage AI to enhance training outcomes and for organizational leaders aiming to innovate their learning strategies.

About Markus Bernhardt, Ph.D.

Markus leads Endeavor Intelligence, specializing in AI strategy consulting that blends technological expertise with strategic business applications. Markus supports a range of F500 companies and government organizations in regard to AI Strategy in his role as the AI Strategy Lead at The Learning Forum, while his work as a founding member of the AI Learning Collective and the co-leader of The Thinking Effect underscore his commitment to ethical and impactful AI applications. Globally recognized as an author, panelist, and speaker on AI and AI strategy, Markus is an established, leading voice in the international community, championing the progressive role of AI in talent, learning and training, and beyond.

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