Unmasking Truths: Demystifying Training Evaluation with the Kirkpatrick Model


President and CEO of Kirkpatrick Partners and Founder and CEO of Anchored Training
Wendy 2014
Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners
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    Thu, May 09, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Dive into the heart of training evaluation with our enlightening session dedicated to dispelling the four most common myths surrounding the Kirkpatrick Model.

Join us for an eye-opening exploration that separates fact from fiction, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how to leverage this powerful model for accurate and impactful training assessments.

Here are the four most common myths we will be addressing:
  • Myth 1: It's Only about Smile Sheets
  • Myth 2: Evaluation is Complex and Time-Consuming
  • Myth 3: The Kirkpatrick Model is Inflexible
  • Myth 4: Results are Hard to Measure

About Vanessa Alzate

Vanessa Alzate is the Founder and CEO of Anchored Training. She received a BA in both Communications & Political Science from Rutgers University, and an MS in Corporate & Organizational Communication from Northeastern University.  For over a decade, she has consulted with many mid-large organizations in industries ranging from pharmaceutical sales to fashion to develop training strategies tailored to each individual organization and team. 

Throughout her career, Vanessa has excelled in assisting companies and individuals to expand their industry knowledge through innovative eLearning and classroom curriculum, while continuing to add consistently to her own education and training. She is committed to helping everyone become the best versions of themselves and is an advocate for empowering women and for increasing belonging for all.

About Wendy Kirkpatrick

Wendy Kirkpatrick, Senior Consultant at Kirkpatrick Partners, is a global leader in implementing the Kirkpatrick Model. With a background spanning over three decades in retail, marketing, and training, Wendy has co-authored books and contributed as an expert for significant training initiatives. Her results-driven approach continues to steer organizations toward measurable success through training and evaluation.

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