Engage to Win: Developing More Immersive Training Experiences for Hybrid and Remote Workers


Bernadette burke headshot
President and Executive Learning Strategist, Brella Productions
David less headshot
Creative Director, Brella Productions
Joshua stroud
Technical Director and Senior Producer, Brella Productions
Caetlin williams headshot
Event Production Technician and Event Department Coordinator, Brella Productions
Mark rochon headshot
Instructional Designer and Content Department Manager, Brella Productions
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    Wed, Apr 24, 2024 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Hybrid and remote workers are changing how organizations train their staff. The potential for disengagement and losing fundamental connections is too high. The solution lies in elevating the experience from passive to immersive and participatory.

In this interactive session, Bernadette Burke, President and Executive Learning Strategist, will be joined by members of the Brella team, David Less (Creative Director), Joshua Stroud (Technical Director and Senior Producer), Caetlin Williams (Event Production Technician), and Mark Rochon (Instructional Designer), to share creative and production processes for engaging these harder-to-engage learners.

You’ll learn tips on how to:
  1. Curate and package your training to reflect your organization’s brand and culture.
  2. Deliver live hybrid and virtual trainings in Zoom/Microsoft Teams using visual branding, motion graphics, gamification, and off-the-shelf virtual tools for connecting learners.
  3. Reinforce your message beyond the initial training and encourage continuous learning.

By the end, you’ll have a foundation of tips and techniques to enhance your next crucial training experience.

About Bernadette Burke

Bernadette has spent more than 20 years developing highly engaging curricula and eLearning courses for adult audiences. Her work has ranged from conventional courses centered around presentations and knowledge checks to deeply immersive learning experiences incorporating video, animation, conditional branching, and VR. Her current area of focus is optimizing engagement strategy with low-code technology to create high-impact training that can be deployed and updated at speed.

About Dave Less

For more than two decades, David Less has focused on translating strategic goals into creative presentation for maximum audience engagement. From building tension to hold audiences on National Geographic documentaries to creating emotional connections for greater learning retention at international corporate meetings, David is always guided by a respect for the audience to achieve business goals.

About Joshua Stroud

Joshua brings over 20 years of experience in video production and live events as a Technical Director, Producer, and Cinematographer. Joining Brella in 2009, he has tackled technical, logistical, and creative problems all over the world, drawing on his background in street photography and guerrilla filmmaking to approach challenges with an adaptable mindset. His personal goal is to leverage technology to innovatively provide solutions and strengthen storytelling.

About Caetlin Williams

For the last 3 years Caetlin has been working within the Brella Events Department to help bring our clients smooth and technically sound events! She utilizes her organizational and administrative skills within her Department Coordinator position to help make sure things are running smoothly internally so we can give the best effort to our clients. She is passionate about making sure events, both virtual and in-person, are run as seamless as possible so that the content and message get across in the best way.

About Mark Rochon

For the last 15 years, Mark has helped clients tackle their toughest eLearning and training needs. From teaching convenience store new hires to make sandwiches to testing electricians on their safety skills to prepping researchers for contributing to a clinical trial study, Mark has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in getting adult learners to engage in the learning experience and not just "Click Next."

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