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Paul yoachum   paul yoachum
Co-founder, Managing Partner & Senior Consultant, FindMojo
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    Thu, Apr 11, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Every year organizations focus on improving employee engagement. And every year it’s the same story. They administer the annual survey only to see little-to-no improvement overall. And while there may be improvement in one area, another area inevitably falls short. It’s like playing a version of “employee engagement whack-a-mole.”

The problem is too many leaders are being asked to get their people “all in” when they themselves are checked out or are looking to leave. In a post-pandemic study, 50% of managers said they were looking for new jobs. FIFTY PERCENT! In other words, they’ve quit, but they still come to work.

But, what if, in just 30 days, you could significantly impact the ability and the effectiveness of every leader inside your organization to get engaged... and then get their people engaged? Every. Single. One.

During this webinar, you’ll join Paul Yoachum, Co-founder of FindMojo an employee engagement expert for a fun and engaging webinar where he will discuss a revolutionary new approach to employee engagement that transforms every leader in 30 days.

About Paul Yoachum

Paul Yoachum leverages almost 20 years of business experience helping individuals and organizations reach their goals and maximize performance. Whether coaching sales and training leaders, teaching a course, giving a speech, or consulting on a project, Paul is known for engaging participants and driving improvement.

Throughout his almost two decades of training and consulting experience, he has trained courses for hundreds of clients and helped some of the world’s biggest organizations achieve amazing results including Kaiser Permanente, AstraZeneca, Honda, Boeing, Ford, U.S. Army, and Adobe.

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