Create effective eLearning with PowerPoint


Vincent thompson
Principal Design Consultant, BrightCarbon
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It’s that time of year, your business goals have been aligned and solidified. You’ve identified the knowledge gap in your learners and that eLearning is how you’d like to bridge it. You’ve got your measurable learning objectives on which to base your learning on. Now it’s time to build it, in PowerPoint. Yes, PowerPoint.

Join this masterclass to learn how you can use PowerPoint to produce a range of eLearning formats that are widely editable and how to use some of PowerPoint’s inbuilt features to maintain graphic design and instructional design consistency. Oh, and we’ll have some tips and tricks to share with you too, that we’ve learned on the way.

About Vincent Thompson

Vincent is a Principal Design Consultant at BrightCarbon, the specialist presentation and eLearning agency. He has helped to create thousands of presentations, and coached hundreds of teams to present more effectively using visuals, diagrams, and animated sequences that explain and reinforce the key points, which is supported by plenty of resources and tips at

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