AI and Change Management: Cultivating Adaptability and Growth


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President/CEO, Problem Solutions
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Building on the success of our previous session, this 45-minute webinar delves deeper into AI FOMO with the antidote of tangible actions. Aimed at learning and development, as well as HR professionals, this webinar will guide you through advanced strategies for nurturing an adaptable and growth-oriented organizational culture. We will explore the nuances of change management in the context of AI, focusing on cultivating resilience, fostering innovation, and promoting a mindset of continuous improvement.

Participants will learn how to build on their existing AI strategies, overcome advanced challenges, and ensure that their teams are ready and excited for the future. This session promises to arm you with the tools and insights needed to turn the challenges of AI integration into opportunities for growth and development.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Deepen Change Management Skills: Enhance your understanding of change management by learning how to build resilience and adaptability in your team, fostering an easy and natural transition for AI-induced changes.
  2. Foster Innovation and Growth Mindset: Discover advanced techniques for encouraging innovation and a growth mindset within your team, making your organization a fertile ground for new ideas and continuous improvement in the face of AI advancements.
  3. Develop Advanced AI Integration Strategies: Learn to anticipate and overcome complex challenges in AI integration, ensuring your strategies are robust, forward-thinking, and capable of guiding your team confidently into a future shaped by AI.

About Michael Hruska

Mike Hruska, a seasoned technologist, and AI specialist is the driving force behind Problem Solutions, an advanced technology agency with a rich 20-year history of innovation. With a background in design thinking and a former researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Mike has been instrumental in delivering actionable technology products through efficient design and implementation of innovative solutions.

Under his leadership, Problem Solutions transitioned into an Augmented Enterprise in 2023, integrating AI into key processes across all business units. His expertise spans AI Strategy, Immersive Technology, Software Development, and Organizational Transformation. Mike's vision of an Augmented Enterprise leverages collective intelligence, fostering a cooperative work environment to share knowledge and improve organizational functions. His commitment to this concept has led to the creation of tools that automate and extend the organization's intelligence, supporting millions of daily users.

About Dr. Christina Barss

Dr. Christina Barss, an accomplished executive, educator, and researcher, excels in Human-Centered AI Transformation, Organizational Change, and Design Thinking. With a deep understanding of Improvement Sciences, she has led transformative initiatives across healthcare, manufacturing, and education, emphasizing employee empowerment and adaptability in the face of change. 

Notably, Dr. Barss was instrumental in redefining healthcare delivery at Cleveland Clinic, emphasizing patient-centered care as one of the first Lean/Six Sigma industrial engineers. Her tenure at Hitchiner Manufacturing demonstrated her adeptness in operational excellence and innovation in the metallurgy field.

Dr. Barss obtained her PhD in Organizational Development and Sustainable Systems Design from Case Western Reserve University. She holds a Master of Education, Instructional Design Technology, a Master of Science, Strategic Leadership, and a postgraduate certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.

As a speaker at various industry events and webinars, Dr. Barss shares her insights on strategic organizational development and the nuances of integrating AI and human-centric approaches, ensuring technology serves to enhance and uplift human potential.

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