Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch:
How a Curriculum Drives Success


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Marketing Director, Bottom-Line Performance
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Is your company ready to launch a new product? Your sales and support reps might not be. If the product is complex, your customers might not know how to use it, either. Training is a critical part of every product launch, as it helps employees and customers in a variety of roles and locations build the knowledge and skills they need to sell, service and use the new product effectively.
This session shows how a curriculum of learning solutions can be used as part of a product launch to solve common business problems. It then connects the big picture goals of a product launch to practical techniques for designing a curriculum that engages learners before, during and after a launch event. We’ll show you how to develop product launch training that drives learner retention… while avoiding common mistakes along the way.
In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What is a curriculum, and how a blend of learning solutions can work together to reinforce product knowledge, selling skills and proficient usage of a product
  • What a curriculum can do to help learners build skills and knowledge around what they sell and support. You’ll also see what a curriculum is not meant to do… like change the market environment or fix a bad product
  • What you need to know at the onset of your curriculum project, starting with a broad vision, measurable goals and a realistic picture of the circumstances surrounding your launch
  • How to design a curriculum using a repeatable three-part framework that drives knowledge and skills retention
  • How to avoid common mistakes that can derail a curriculum design project, and the steps we have taken with our clients to turn challenge areas into successes
  • Rules for a better launch that offer specific guidance for your product launch curriculum


About Leanne Batchelder

Leanne is the Vice President of Client Relations at Bottom-Line Performance. She has over 19 years of instructional design and development experience and has designed and developed curriculums for a variety of clients as well as functioned in project management and account management roles. Leanne has extensive experience providing instructional design and management services to such global organizations as Roche Diagnostics, Cummins, Harlan Laboratories, Eli Lilly and Company, NxStage Medical, Regis Corp, and Ingersoll Rand.

Leanne graduated from DePauw University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing. She has served on the board of directors of the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (CIASTD) in the role of Vice President of Membership and as President. Leanne has been a frequent presenter at international training conferences for ATD, the eLearning Guild, and Training Magazine.​

About Steven Boller

Steven Boller is the Marketing Director at Bottom-Line Performance. In this role, he gathers industry intelligence from hundreds of organizations interested in improving the performance of their employees through instructionally sound learning solutions and innovative approaches such as game-based learning and retention-driven learning strategies. He has authored over 100 educational articles both online for eLearning Industry, Bottom-Line Performance and Knowledge Guru and in print for the Life Science Trainer and Educator Network’s Focus Magazine.

Steven has delivered webinars for Chief Learning Officer Magazine and Training Magazine Network as well as presented at conferences such as ATD International, ATD TechKnowledge, the LTEN Annual Conference and DevLearn.  He assists with product strategy for the Knowledge Guru game-based learning platform, which won three 2014 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, including two "Gold" distinctions. Steven holds a BA degree from Xavier University, where he graduated Cum Laude.

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