Slide Decks that Inspire (and Don’t Tire) Your Learners


Amy saville 1
LCSW, MSW, Training Consultant, The Bob Pike Group
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    Thu, Jul 11, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Your slide deck is NOT your training! It’s a visual aid to your training, and in this hour we’ll explore the characteristics that good slide decks share.

During this 1-hour webinar, you will:
  • Travel beyond PowerPoint and discover new apps for creating stunning visuals for your slides
  • Explore ways to add interactivity to virtual slide decks
  • Discuss how slide decks for virtual and in-person training differ
  • Share the tips and tricks that make designing slides a snap

About Amy Saville

For over 15 years, Amy has been helping organizations and individuals change for the better. At Rutgers University, she coordinates a system-wide culture change initiative for the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, training professionals in best-practices and guiding teams to ensure new skills are put to use. As both a training consultant and a licensed clinical social worker, Amy combines her expertise in human behavior with the Creative Training Techniques of The Bob Pike Group to create dynamic, meaningful learning experiences for her participants that help professionals grow.

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