Sell Like a Rock Star!


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Grammy and Emmy Award Winning Singer & CEO of Skip Into Learning
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    Thu, Dec 14, 2023 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Sales reps and teams can achieve their highest level of success if they learn to sell like Rock Stars. Rock Stars succeed because they dream big, set high goals, leverage talents, promote continuously and more.

During this exciting webinar, you’ll learn the secrets of how to:
  • Find your passion and set big goals
  • Harmonize with team members
  • Read your audience to adapt your performance
  • Innovate continuously to remain successful
  • Promote relentlessly to succeed over the long term
  • Give back to your community

About Skip Martin

Skip Martin is a Grammy and Emmy Award Winning Singer and Performer and has been honored with a 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Skip spent more than 20 years as lead singer for Kool & the Gang and the Daz Band, where he is best known for the song "Let it Whip." He has also partnered with other groups and for causes, such as helping improve child literacy. Skip is President & CEO of Skip Martin Music, where he performs for corporate groups and is a keynote speaker to help sales teams "Sell like Rock Stars" and Skip Into Learning, where he has developed programs to improve child literacy.

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