Stagecraft for Chat GPT: Leveraging Theater Principles to Craft AI Prompts for Effective Training


Head of Custom AI Solutions, ELB Learning
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President, ProMobile BI
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    Tue, Dec 05, 2023 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Chat GPT, MidJourney, Claude2...Generative AI is all the rage. But, too many people don't know how to engage with these tools most effectively to get the desired outcome. We developed the TheaterThink model as a structured approach to human-centered problem-solving using language, methods, and principles cultivated and taught by theater artists worldwide. And, wouldn't you know, it works perfectly for AI interactions. Experience the approach that takes your prompt engineering from "meh" to mindblowing!

  • Define the distinction between search engines and reasoning engines
  • Leverage the concepts of theater to inform prompt development
  • Craft prompts that engage the AI platform in conversation and reasoning


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About Josh Penzell

Josh Penzell is a Strategic AI Consultant with over 15 years of experience in sales enablement, process improvement, global strategy, and organizational innovation. He has pioneered the TheaterThink methodology, drawing from his background in theater, to create novel learning experiences that have had profound impacts on businesses like Zillow, Amazon, and Skillsoft. With his unique vision and proven results, Josh has led initiatives that reduced training resources by 50%, increased revenue by 15% in 6 months, and enabled 1000% growth in the Amazon Alexa business. A passionate believer in "Passion Transfer" and delivering ROI rather than content, Josh's approach embodies the future of learning and talent development.

About Chuck Sigmund

Chuck Sigmund, the Chief Gamechanger at ProMobile BI, a dynamic L&D powerhouse. With a dash of creativity, a pinch of innovation, and a whole lot of gaming, Chuck lives and breathes the thrilling world of gamification. As a thought leader within the L&D industry, he has spearheaded the integration of gamification and cutting-edge technologies, revolutionizing how businesses elevate their workforce and conquer operational hurdles with speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. Armed with a Master's Degree in Adult Education and Training, Chuck fearlessly navigates the realm of L&D, crafting programs that don't just educate but electrify. He knows how to deliver measurable results without ever subjecting his audience to the tedium of traditional approaches. Chuck's infectious passion for transforming learning experiences has earned him a spot as a sought-after presenter at prestigious national and international L&D conferences, where he ignites minds and shares his expertise on designing truly immersive, impactful adventures in L&D.

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