Investing in a Culture of Learning Builds Long-Term Organizational Resilience


Director of Digital Learning Evangelism, Adobe Digital Learning Solutions
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    Wed, Oct 25, 2023 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Resilient organizations stand firm against economic, geopolitical, and other headwinds. The key traits of a resilient organization often include elements like an adaptable leadership, dynamic decision-making and a sense of psychological safety to experiment, learn and grow even in uncertain times. However, it is easier said than done, as building each of these resilient muscles needs creating internal routines that move like clockwork at the times of need. Creating a positive learning culture supports building this internal routine and often acts as a ‘pre-condition to organizational resilience’. Organizations that learn better have greater resilience and more consistent earnings relative to their peers.

Join Dr. Allen Partridge, Director of Learning Evangelism, Adobe as he explores:
a. How organizations build their resilient muscles
b. How learning acts as a precondition to resilience
c. How resilient organizations encourage strong learning cultures
d. How technology and mindset work together to propel learning cultures

About Allen Partridge, Ph.D.

Allen Partridge, Ph.D., is the Director of Digital Learning Evangelism at Adobe Digital Learning Solutions and has 20 years of experience in e-learning, education, games, and multimedia development. He has researched and reported on authentic educational solutions for audiences around the world for the past decade. Allen is recognized for his many online video tutorials and e-seminars, which are a mainstay for e-learning developers and trainers learning to create effective online educational materials.

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