Why Motivating People Doesn't Work... And What Does


Susan fowler
Consultant, The Ken Blanchard Companies
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In nearly every organization, leaders are being held accountable to do something they cannot do-motivate others. Leaders can't motivate people, because people are already motivated. The question is not if a person is motivated but why.

This realization always leads to an epiphany for training and human resource practitioners. HR's dependence on carrots and sticks to motivate people had become common practice because we didn't understand the true nature of human motivation. Now we do, thanks to thought leaders like Dan Pink and his blockbuster book DRIVE. But letting go of carrots and sticks has been a challenge. HR leaders know Dan Pink, they know what they've been doing doesn't work, and they know managers aren't successful at motivating people. But they haven't understood what their alternatives are.
In this webinar, Susan Fowler will help HR leaders understand the viable alternatives to the carrots and sticks on three levels -


  • Individual (employees). At this level, motivation is a skill. HR can teach employees the skills of motivation so they can thrive in any environment, even if the organization's systems haven't changed yet.
  • Interpersonal (leaders). HR can help leaders adjust their interpersonal interactions with employees - the way they set goals, have conversations, etc. - in ways that prime the pump for optimal motivation.
  • Organization. At some point, our systems are going to need to change - the systems around reward and recognition, compensation, job design, etc. What's exciting is that until those systems change, we can still work at the individual and interpersonal, 1-to-1 level.

About Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler has over 30 years' experience as a researcher, consultant, and coach in over 30 countries around the globe in the field of leadership. She is the lead developer of The Ken Blanchard Companies' best-selling Situational Self Leadership product line and the innovative Optimal Motivation program, which have been implemented worldwide. She is the bestselling author of Situational Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager with Ken Blanchard and Laurie Hawkins.

She is coauthor of Achieve Leadership Genius with Drea Zigarmi and Dick Lyles, Leading at a Higher Level with Ken Blanchard, The Team Leader's Idea-a-Day Guide with Drea Zigarmi, Empowerment with Ken Blanchard, Good Leaders, Good Shepherds with Dick Lyles, as well as audio programs on Mentoring-Fostering Your Careers Most Crucial Relationships and Overcoming Procrastination.

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The recording will be available within a few days. Please check back here.

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