The EQ Atmosphere: Applying Emotional Intelligence to Team or Company Culture


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President Principal Consultant, OKA (Otto Kroeger Associates)
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    Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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The Emotional Quotient-Inventory 2.0® (EQ-i 2.0®) is tailor-made to give us insight into individuals and their behavior—ourselves, our leaders, colleagues, and team members. It measures our EQ or Emotional Quotient. Designed and presented by OKA’s Hile Rutledge, this webinar will show you how to guide a group through an interactive process that explores the behaviors the team or system values, supports and expects and the behaviors the group most overlooks and discourages. What are the behavioral patterns of your particular work group—what is the EQ atmosphere?

This session will introduce participants to the EQ Atmosphere exercise—a fun and enlightening card-sort exercise that helps EQ clients answer the questions— “Now what” and “So what?” Now that we have our EQ-i scores, what do we DO with them? This webinar will show participants how to do the exercise and share case study results from various clients. Participants will also receive a write-up detailing the exercise and the slides from the webinar itself.

Webinar Objectives
  • Share an EQ exercise that encourages/facilitates groups or organizations to discuss EQ content and apply it to their work setting and culture
  • Experience and analyze EQ Atmosphere results from several different client groups
  • Learn best practices to tie these group-level insights to individuals’ learning and action plans
  • Receive a write-up of the EQ Atmosphere exercise
  • Engage in a question/answer discussion with your webinar host, Hile Rutledge

About Hile Rutledge

Hile Rutledge is an experienced organization development consultant, trainer, executive coach, author, and public speaker with a background in management, sales, adult education and leadership development.

Hile’s primary area of expertise is the establishment and exercise of self-awareness leading to greater communication, decision making, leadership and team performance. Among the tools/approaches in which Hile specializes are the EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence), DRiV (Motivation, Values, and Behaviors), the Pearman Personality Integrator, the MBTI assessment (Psychological Type) and generational cohort theory (using his book, Generation Translation). Hile has done extensive work with C-suite and senior leadership groups whose needs range from leadership development to team building, communications, coaching and feedback training, conflict management, and strategic planning.

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