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Founder & CEO, Artha Learning Inc.
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    Wed, Jun 05, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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How can you make eLearning more powerful, relevant, engaging and responsive to your learner's needs? When you have no new budget for an AI recommendation engine, or a XR based game or such - what are some solid, instructional design based tactics that can be used to level up a self-paced eLearning course?

Unlike in-person experiences, eLearning can be built to branch out, allowing for content personalization, adaptation, learner choice, and real-life simulations. Branching is eLearning’s superpower - and a very underutilized one! In this session, learn some very creative and ‘badass’ ways to level up the eLearning at your organization.

Digital learning can be leveraged strategically to deliver better results through customization that is not possible with in-person training.  Much of eLearning design still follows the linear structure of an Instructor led session.  This session provides real examples of various ways eLearning can level up its game using Branching.

Attendees will see the various uses of branching in digital learning and inspire attendees to do some out-of-the-box thinking with the tools they already have and use programming logic to create customized, adaptive, and relevant courses.

About Garima Gupta, M.Ed., B.E., CTDP

Garima Gupta is the founder & CEO of Artha Learning Inc., a full-service learning design firm known for creating effective, engaging, and impactful learning solutions. With over 20 years of diverse experience in Learning & Development, training, digital marketing, content creation, education, and software engineering, Garima brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Garima started Artha Learning with a mission to offer top-notch digital learning experiences for various sectors. Passionate about using technology effectively in education, she enjoys sharing her insights as a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

In addition to her role at Artha, Garima holds an MEd in Adult Education, a Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP) designation and has even taught a graduate diploma in eLearning design and development at a public college.

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