Beyond Basic Assessments in Self-paced Learning


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Founder & CEO, Artha Learning Inc.
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Senior Instructional Designer, Artha Learning Inc.
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    Wed, Apr 03, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Well-designed assessment methods provide valuable information about learning. They tell us what learners have learned, how well they learned it, where they struggled and how we can improve our courses.

This webinar will highlight types of assessments, the rationale for each type and their use cases. We will explore strategies to enhance multiple choice questions, such as strong distractors, Confidence-Based Marking (CBM). We will discuss and explore creating valid and authentic assessments beyond multiple choice questions. Using scenarios, branching and case studies. And bonus - we’ll see how AI can be used in building totally new kind of self-grading assessments.
  • Identify specific techniques associated with diagnostic, knowledge check and summative assessments
  • Explore strategies to enhance multiple choice questions
  • Discover alternates to multiple-choice questions.

About Garima Gupta, M.Ed., B.E., CTDP

Garima Gupta is the founder & CEO of Artha Learning Inc., a full-service learning design firm known for creating effective, engaging, and impactful learning solutions. With over 20 years of diverse experience in Learning & Development, training, digital marketing, content creation, education, and software engineering, Garima brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Garima started Artha Learning with a mission to offer top-notch digital learning experiences for various sectors. Passionate about using technology effectively in education, she enjoys sharing her insights as a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

In addition to her role at Artha, Garima holds an MEd in Adult Education, a Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP) designation and has even taught a graduate diploma in eLearning design and development at a public college.

About Aamir Aman

Aamir is a tech-savvy instructional designer with a passion for pushing eLearning to its limits. He is interested in the use and impact of digital learning technologies in classrooms, boardrooms, and living rooms. He brings a wealth of experience in curriculum design and technology integration, intercultural education, and inclusive learning.

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