30 Days to Becoming a Better HR Pro


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We've all been there- as a current or aspiring HR leader; we all know that the business of putting out fires often takes over any time to be proactive in our roles. I've found two things that lead to success in pushing past this mode of operation. The first is taking responsibility for your own career development and creating a plan of action. The second is breaking your learning into small, manageable bites so that you're able to master upgrading your skills and approach.

In this presentation, HR professionals will learn about the ‘30 Days to Becoming a Better HR Pro' project - a sample plan for personal and professional development with real, actionable steps you can take back to your workplace. Some of the steps you might be at least partly familiar with and some will be completely new to you. Join the session and we'll cover learning more about social, mobile, compliance, research, and tools to help make your job as an HR professional easier.

Takeaways from the presentation will include:

  • Strategies for leveraging social media and networks for HR professionals
  • Recommendations for some familiar and some new online resources of HR and Talent Management information
  • Ways to connect with fellow HR and Talent Management professionals beyond the ‘traditional' conference and networking events
  • Tips for applying learnings in the workplace and in your professional career

HR professionals spend so much of their time concerned with the training and professional development of the employees in their organizations, sometimes they need to take a little time to work on their own development. This session is designed for just that purpose - to help you become a better HR pro.

About Steve Boese

Steve is a Co-Chair of Human Resource Executive Magazine's HR Technology Conference, the leading global event for the HR Technology Industry, and a Technology Columnist and Editor for LRP Publications. Previously, Steve was a Director of Talent Management Strategy for Oracle Corporation helping to create and deliver the next generation of Human Capital Management solutions. And before that, Steve led HR Systems in a corporate role for diverse industries like telecommunications and higher education. Steve is also a leading HR and technology blogger and created and co-hosts the "HR Happy Hour Show" a popular HR and HR technology podcast.

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