Using DISC for Leading / Selling / Relationship Building / Communicating / Team Building and Negotiating


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    Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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The core material of this workshop is based on a behavioral and communication model called DISC. Understanding the personality styles of your team members, prospects, customers, boss, direct reports, clients (and even family members and friends) will improve your effectiveness twenty-five percent and help people buy into your requests as well as improve your understanding of others.

Through this powerful, interactive, and fun program you will learn, four different personality styles, the “dos and don’ts” when dealing with people of each style and the easiest way to spot others’ styles. Learn how to “flex your style” in a conversation and in writing for improved results. The material in this program is based on a proven, time-tested model yet the approaches are the most advanced!

About Greg Nanigian

Greg Nanigian is an award-winning sales and leadership trainer, author, coach, and speaker. He’s facilitated training programs all over the world. He’s written and published over 100 blogs and articles as well as authored the book “Why People Buy" available on Amazon.

Greg’s company is an affiliate of Sandler Training – the leading sales and sales management development firm. Harvard Business School has partnered with Sandler Training to incorporate the Sandler Methodology into their curriculum.

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