Leveraging AI Coaching Tools for Effective Skill Building


Director of Sales Enablement Technology, Unboxed Training & Technology
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    Tue, Jul 25, 2023 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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Are your managers and trainers armed with the right tools to coach teams effectively? In today's business landscape, fulfilling the growing demand for impactful and measurable skill development poses a significant challenge. Employing a sophisticated ai-driven coaching platform can revolutionize this process, enhancing consistency, tracking progress, and leading to measurable improvements in employee performance and satisfaction.

Join us in our upcoming webinar, "Leveraging AI Coaching Tools for Effective Skill Building". 

We will: 

  • Explore best practices for coaching teams effectively  
  • Demonstrate how to overcome common obstacles in skill development using advanced coaching features 
  • Utilize an AI-driven coaching platform to show how to bring substantial improvements in your team's skills  

By leveraging modern coaching technology, we will show you how to ultimately drive your organization's success. 

About Emily Weisensale

Emily Weisensale is a software expert with a problem-solving mindset and a results-driven approach. With 5 years of experience at Unboxed and a successful tenure at Tridium, Emily brings a wealth of technical knowledge to bolster L&D & Workforce Development initiatives. Emily is currently the Director of Sales Enablement Technology for Spoke Skill Building Platform, a learning & employee training platform created by Unboxed. Her love for customers and ability to solve complex problems is a contagious positive force.

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