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Author, Owner, Billion Dollar Graphics
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Mike Parkinson shows you how to quickly turn ideas, words, and data into professional graphics using Build-a-Graphic. Watch Mike make compelling, expert-level graphics in minutes with the latest AI tools and Build-a-Graphic. If you need graphics, don’t miss this mind-blowing session.

All participants get some of Mike’s most popular graphics. 

Learn more about Build-a-Graphic here:

Click here to download a free version of the PowerPoint add-in to search the growing library of over 10,000 professional, editable graphics here (graphics are not editable in the free version)

Visit Mike's page in our Presentation Learning Center here.  You'll find free job aids and all of Mike's recorded webinars & handouts.



About Mike Parkinson

Mike is one of 34 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the World and is an APMP CPP Fellow. He is a visual communication expert, professional speaker, educator, and best-selling author. He regularly conducts workshops and creates graphics, presentations, and content for companies like Microsoft, FedEx, Pfizer, Xerox, Dell, Subaru, and Boeing as well as at learning institutions and government agencies like NSA and CMS. Mike also wrote two industry best practice books, “Billion Dollar Graphics” and “A Trainer's Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters.” Mike owns Billion Dollar Graphics ( and 24 Hour Company ( Contact Mike at to learn more.

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