“We Can Work It Out”: Managing Conflict in Work Teams


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Professor of Communication, University of Colorado
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    Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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In 1965, the Beatles released a hit song, "Try to See It My Way... Think of what you're saying… Think of what I’m saying… We can work it out," an overnight sensation with an optimistic message. But on the job, "working it out" requires more than optimism. It demands time, effort, and know-how. That’s why books like Bullies at WorkDifficult People 101, and How to Work with Jerks are so popular. As a matter of fact, employees in the U.S. spend almost three hours per week involved in conflict, and all told, conflict can consume up to 40% of a manager’s time. And contrary to what you might expect, working in remote and hybrid environments doesn’t help at all. 

Comfortable friction inspires innovation, and talking over differences leads to better communication on teams. But when conflict is left to fester, it can drain energy, drive down productivity, and damage morale, big-time. But just how do we “work it out”? 

This webinar will focus on: 
  • how OTJ conflict is triggered 
  • how to work with challenging people such as “Selfies,” “Screamers,” and “Schemers” 
  • how to improve communication in tricky situations

About Dr. Constance Staley

Dr. Constance Staley is a Professor of Communication and former Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. She holds a B.S. in education, an M.A. in linguistics, and a Ph.D. in communication. In the middle of her academic career, Dr. Staley joined the training department of an East Coast Fortune 500 company full-time, designing and delivering all management and supervisory training. She was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to teach in the republic of Kyrgyzstan in the former Soviet Union; has won the University of Colorado Outstanding Teacher Award; and was twice nominated for a CASE U.S. Professor of the Year Award.

Dr. Staley recently published her 22nd book, led the campus initiative as Special Assistant to the Chancellor to develop a new state-of-the art Career Center for the university, often travels to campuses, companies, and conferences to deliver keynote addresses and delivers national and international webinars. At the University, she currently teaches communication courses such as Creating a Learning Organization, Professional Speaking, Advanced Virtual Presentations, and Conflict and Negotiation.

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