Learning Measurement Demystified - How to Create a Good Measurement and Reporting Strategy


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Founder and Former Executive Director, Center for Talent Reporting
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    Tue, Jun 20, 2023 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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For many in our profession, it is a struggle to create a measurement and reporting strategy. It doesn’t have to be this hard. In this session, Dave Vance, former CLO of Caterpillar, will share a simple yet comprehensive approach to get you started, employing concepts from his 2021 book Measurement Demystified: Creating Your L&D Measurement, Analytics, and Reporting Strategy, and from the companion 2022 book Measurement Demystified Field Guide. He will share a step-by-step process which employs an easy-to-use framework for classifying, selecting, and reporting the most appropriate measures to meet your needs. 

He will discuss:
  • The Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRP) framework
  • The four most important reasons to measure
  • The three types of measures and the five types of reports
  • How to select the right measures and reports

About David Vance

David Vance is the former President of Caterpillar University, which he founded in 2001, and the former Executive Director of the Center for Talent Reporting, which he founded in 2012 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation and implementation of standards and best practices for human capital measurement, reporting and management. Prior to these positions, Dave was Chief Economist and Head of the Business Intelligence Group at Caterpillar Inc.

Dave teaches in the Ph.D. program at Bellevue University and in the executive education program for Chief Learning Officers at George Mason University. He also serves on the Metrics Working Group for the International Organization for Standardization and led the effort to create the first comprehensive standard for learning and development metrics published in 2023.

He is the author of The Business of Learning, now in its second edition, and co-author with Peggy Parskey of Measurement Demystified as well as the Field Guide to Measurement Demystified.

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