Crafting a Partner Learning Playbook to Drive Business Growth


Director of Digital Learning Evangelism, Adobe Digital Learning Solutions
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    Thu, Apr 27, 2023 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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A strong network of partners often acts as a crucial differentiator for successful businesses. A motivated partner network drives co-innovation, provides impactful solutions, and creates new experiences for customers. However, the partner landscape is evolving, and partners now have more choices of providers than earlier. Keeping a partner engaged and educated with the right product knowledge often acts as a clincher to drive business at scale across geographies. Building an effective partner learning playbook is therefore an investment in the path of partner-led growth.

Join Dr. Allen Partridge, Director of Learning Evangelism, Adobe, as he explore:  
  • The emerging challenges of building a partner ecosystem
  • How learning helps build effective partner teams
  • Key features of a learning playbook for partner ecosystems
  • Measuring how investing in partner learning playbooks add up to revenue and customer satisfaction

About Allen Partridge, Ph.D.

Allen Partridge, Ph.D., is the Director of Digital Learning Evangelism at Adobe Digital Learning Solutions and has 20 years of experience in e-learning, education, games, and multimedia development. He has researched and reported on authentic educational solutions for audiences around the world for the past decade. Allen is recognized for his many online video tutorials and e-seminars, which are a mainstay for e-learning developers and trainers learning to create effective online educational materials.

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