Empower Your Employees: How to Have the (Talent Mobility) Talk


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Despite catchy buzzwords such as “quiet quitting” and “bare minimum Monday,” employees are as eager as ever to acquire new skills and grow their careers. Meanwhile, HR leaders are ramping up talent mobility initiatives to improve workforce planning, enable internal talent sourcing, and retain employees, even while facing economic downturns and fierce competition.
While 73% of surveyed employees say they want more visibility into internal career opportunities, executing a high-functioning talent mobility program is still a tall order. Join acclaimed trainer and author Jason Lauritsen and Cornerstone’s VP of global learning strategy and innovation Katie Ballantyne for practical strategies on fostering career growth and aligning employee development goals with critical business initiatives. 

Register to learn:   
  • Research findings on employee expectations around internal growth 
  • Methods for engaging employees in their career development
  • Strategies to avoid talent hoarding among managers 
  • How to leverage technology to grow talent and fill skill gaps 
  • Overlooked barriers to building a thriving talent mobility program 

About Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen is transforming management as a keynote speaker, trainer, and author. He liberates managers from outdated and inhumane practices so they can cultivate human potential at work and improve people’s lives. Jason’s advice and teachings are informed by decades of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, and employee engagement researcher. His insights have been described as a “secret weapon” by leaders who strive to create a more engaging and human work experience for their people. His experience ranges from startup CEO to Fortune 1000 executive. He also spent several years leading the Best Places to Work program for an HR technology company, where he gained deep insight into some of the best workplaces in the world.

Jason is the author of two books, “Unlocking High Performance: How to use performance management to engage and empower employees to reach their full potential” and “Social Gravity: Harnessing the natural laws of relationships.”

About Katie Ballantyne

Katie Ballantyne is the VP of global learning strategy and innovation at Cornerstone. She and her team are passionate about helping people leaders bring powerful talent strategies to life through Cornerstone’s products so that their organization can meet the future, ready.
Prior to joining Cornerstone in 2014, Katie held senior HR leadership positions in the luxury destination hospitality space achieving industry leading employee engagement across all organizational levels resulting in proven increase to the guest experience. Katie's background in the learning and talent management industry spans almost 20 years, specifically focusing on engaging and investing in a company’s talent as a powerful driver of strategic organizational outcomes. Originally hailing from Australia, Katie now resides in Central Oregon with her husband and daughters where they spend as much time as possible embracing the outdoor activities each season offers.

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