Training as an Event: Achieving Superior Production for Your Virtual Training


Co-Founder and Chief Event Strategist, Brella Productions
Joshua stroud
Technical Director and Senior Producer, Brella Productions
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Live virtual training has gone from a novelty to the instructional instrument of choice for many organizations. While audiences and trainers may feel Zoom-ed out, creative use of the latest generation of digital tools can supercharge your virtual training programs and deliver a better ROI than traditional, face-to-face learning experiences.

Brella Co-founder/Senior Creative Event Strategist Mark Mallchok and Brella Technical Director Joshua Stroud walk you through how to:
  1. Bring an event-based mindset to your virtual training efforts
  2. Create virtual trainings with meaningful interactions and gamification to achieve durable, measurable results
  3. Integrate the power of vMix/OBS into Zoom and Teams meetings
  4. Use these digital production tools to give your next training a broadcast-quality polish

By the end of the session, you’ll have a roadmap for transforming run-of-the-mill training into engaging, memorable learning experiences.

About Mark Mallchok

Mark co-founded Brella in 1992 with CEO and President Bernadette Burke. A veteran producer and director, he has created engaging corporate meeting and event experiences around the world for notable healthcare, financial services, and heavy industry clients. He draws on his theatrical and film background to find compelling stories that anchor client projects and support their business and learning goals. He specializes in audience and participant engagement, combining powerful technical tools with rock-solid narrative and performance techniques to deliver unparalleled face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid experiences.

About Joshua Stroud

Joshua brings over 20 years of experience in video production and live events as a Technical Director, Producer, and Cinematographer. Joining Brella in 2009, he has tackled technical, logistical, and creative problems all over the world, drawing on his background in street photography and guerrilla filmmaking to approach challenges with an adaptable mindset. His personal goal is to leverage technology to innovatively provide solutions and strengthen storytelling.

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