5 Strategies for Training to Help Recession-Proof Your Company Culture


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Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Amplify Voices
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We are currently living in an uncertain economic climate, and companies are feeling the effects of the global recession. While everyone is trying to survive and minimize losses, it's important to remember that a company's culture can make or break its performance in tough times. Having a culture that is resilient and recession-proof can go a long way in ensuring your business's success.
Through today’s webinar, you will walk away with the following:
  • Strategies to be emphasized for flourishing during the economic downturn
  • Techniques for developing organizational culture and generating high enthusiasm
  • A way to increase employee retention

About Audrey Cavenecia

Audrey Cavenecia is a partner and Chief Creative Officer at Amplify Voices, a technology-based learning media company founded by NFL coach Pete Carroll. She has been instrumental in shaping social impact brands and growing teams for many years and has relentlessly concentrated on innovation, leadership, and diversity.

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