Boost Training Transfer using Predictive Learning Analytics™


founder and CEO, Phillips Associates
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What’s the number one issue facing L&D professionals today?

It’s “Scrap Learning,” a term that describes the gap or wasteland between training delivered and not applied back on the job. Said differently, it’s the flip side of training transfer. You might be wondering how big the problem is. According to several research studies, estimates range between 45 and 85 percent. These percentages make it a critical business issue because it wastes both money and time, two precious organization resources. It also costs L&D professionals lost credibility in the eyes of business executives who send their employees to training. However, there now is a revolutionary new way for L&D professionals to measure, monitor and manage the amount of scrap learning associated with a training program. It’s called Predictive Learning Analytics™

In this informative, highly engaging session you will examine this new three-phase nine-step measurement and evaluation methodology for increasing training transfer. Particular emphasis focuses on how to use data to pinpoint the underlying causes of scrap learning associated with a training program and how to mitigate or eliminate these causes.

After attending this session, you will be able to: 
  • Identify the impact scrap learning has on wasted organization resources and lost credibility with business executives
  • Use the Predictive Learning Analytics™ process and its five key metrics to pinpoint the underlying causes of scrap learning associated with a training program
  • Identify targeted corrective actions to mitigate or eliminate the underlying causes of scrap learning 

About Ken Phillips, CPTD

Ken delivers all programs and workshops in his signature style: professional, engaging, and approachable. Ken is the founder and CEO of Phillips Associates and the creator and chief architect of the Predictive Learning Analytics™ (PLA) learning evaluation methodology. He has more than 30 years of experience designing learning instruments and assessments. Ken also is the author of more than a dozen published learning instruments. Ken regularly speaks to Association for Talent Development (ATD) groups, university classes, and corporate L&D groups. Since 2008, he has spoken at the annual ATD International Conference and Expo on topics related to measurement and evaluation of learning.

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