Don’t Hold People Accountable. Develop Accountable People.


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Managing Partner and Author, The Arbinger Institute
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    Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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When it comes to performance management, 95% of employees are dissatisfied with their company’s performance evaluation process, and 90% believe that it doesn’t provide accurate information. With the overwhelming majority being so dissatisfied, it’s easy to see why accountability is an issue in today’s workforce.

It’s not just employees that are dissatisfied with performance management. Research shows that the single-most neglected responsibility of executives is holding people accountable. In this webinar, participants will learn an accountability model that both employees and managers can utilize.

Specifically, attendees will learn:
  • The major problem underlying processes that hold people accountable
  • How to develop self-accountable people
  • A simple but powerful self-accountability model that can be applied immediately

About Mitch Warner

Mitch Warner is a bestselling author and Arbinger managing partner with a background in healthcare and organizational turnaround. He joined Arbinger from Plum Healthcare, where he was an administrator and heavily involved in operationalizing Arbinger’s work into the fabric of Plum’s culture.

Mitch is the co-author of Arbinger’s latest bestseller, The Outward Mindset. He writes frequently on the practical effects of mindset at the individual and organizational levels as well as the role of leadership in transforming organizational culture and results. He is an expert on mindset and culture change, leadership, strategy, performance management, organizational turnaround, and conflict resolution. Mitch spends much of his free time painting. His work hangs in organizations nationwide.

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