Improving The Approach of Your Virtual Classrooms for 2023


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Founder and Live Online Learning Specialist, Lightbulb Moment Limited
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    Thu, Feb 23, 2023 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Virtual classrooms have dominated training delivery for a few years. Still, one of the challenges with virtual classrooms, or any digital learning, is that many people are trying just to replicate a physical classroom experience: webcams, open microphones, and not adapting to make the most of the technology. The other big challenge is in our own approach to understanding how current training and learning skills convert to work well in the virtual classroom.
These challenges are what virtual classroom specialist Jo Cook will tackle in this interactive webinar. Jo will discuss with you: 
  • The challenges of current virtual classroom approaches 
  • Focus on the skills people already have and how they are relevant to live online delivery 
  • Share four approaches to ensuring that virtual classrooms are fit for 2023

About Jo Cook

Jo is an influential voice when it comes not only to virtual classrooms and webinars, but also developing learning solutions for businesses. Her accomplishments include being Training Journal magazine Deputy Editor, Program Advisor for TLDC, conference speaker and featured in many industry lists of influencers.

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