Blending Virtual Reality into Your Learning Design


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XR Solution Architect, Intellezy
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As developers and content creators, we want to improve our learners’ training and development experiences. Virtual reality perfectly complements your organization’s existing tools while offering a unique and effective way to engage learners in hands-on, realistic scenarios. These scenarios are inherently safe and affordable and provide a consequence-free space for your learners to fail. New technology like VR can be tricky to navigate due to the many considerations needed, including investment cost, upskilling your team, adapting your workflow, and maybe most importantly, how to get started.

In this webinar we will explore what virtual reality is and how it fits into your learning technology landscape. We will explore training use cases where VR is most effective and provides the best value for learning and ROI. Finally, we will list the steps needed for your organization to get started with VR, including what questions to ask, what skills are required, what your VR dream team looks like, and, most importantly, where to begin.

About Destery Hildenbrand

Experienced in designing and developing training solutions for corporate and higher education. My main focus is on the effective use of technology in learning while maintaining sound instructional design and adult learning principles. My goal is to help others create engaging, effective, and exciting learning experiences through a mix of strategy, technology, and multimedia design.

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