Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Through An eLearning Maturity Model


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Director of EdTech, North America, CYPHER LEARNING
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The great resignation and the pandemic have immensely affected working environments, and companies are in the midst of a deep Learning and Development (L&D) transformation in order to attract and retain talent. Shifting the strategy in a way that will intrinsically motivate employees and assist them in building their career pathways will enable companies to navigate through these challenges.

Having a clearly defined eLearning Maturity Model aligned with the business goals enables continuous quality improvement and enhances the resilience and adaptability of any L&D department. Learn more about an E-learning Maturity Model and what are some strategies that you can implement to take advantage of the current market’s conditions.

About Alexia Sanchez

Alexia has more than 10 years of experience working with organizations worldwide to help them implement effective training strategies. She has a Master's in Education Leadership, where she specialized in instructional design and e-learning. She takes pride in assisting clients with their onboarding process and is passionate about education transformation to improve employee achievement.

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