Game-Based Learning: Considerations for Building Engaging Interactions


Greg stager
Technical Training Specialist, Rice Lake Weighing Systems
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    Wed, Sep 28, 2022 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Games are fun! People will spend a great deal of time playing games. Why not leverage that to engage learners and help them learn new things?

In this presentation, we will discuss some aspects of games in order to guide your thinking as you craft interactions to engage your learners.

We’ll look at three areas that will help drive your design:
  • Purpose of the game
  • Elements of a game
  • Types of Games

About Greg Stager

Greg has been involved with eLearning since about 2004 and has been using Captivate since version 3. In the past, he has held positions as a high school science teacher, network administrator and IT consultant, and as an instructional designer for one a state university. In each of those roles, he spent a great deal of time facilitating and developing eLearning. He has since transitioned to the private sector where he is currently serving as a technical training specialist for the manufacturing industry where he designs, develops, and delivers both face-to-face and online training to employees and customers alike. He has been married for 25+ years and has five children. In his spare time, he enjoys, playing the guitar, working logic puzzles, gymnastics, and creating fun interactions with Captivate.

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