9 Practices To Energize Belonging In Your Organization


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Every employee can build belonging from wherever they sit in an organization because the energy of belonging is built or destroyed one human interaction at a time. Harness the power generated from feeling connected to, respected, and protected by your peers and leaders.

In this fun, interactive program, Wendy Gates Corbett, President of Signature Presentations, brings belonging out of our heads and into our hands by equipping us with 9 practices we can use to energize belonging in world as shares real-world insights from her research on belonging. You’ll learn practices you can use tomorrow to deepen connections, recognize brilliance, and show others they are welcome and included.

Learning Objectives, in case you need them:
  • Practice using the practices at work to foster a stronger sense of connection to your colleagues and your work
  • Experiment with techniques to express your respect for your colleagues and expecting respect from others
  • Develop strategies for protecting your colleagues’ and your own humanity and dignity
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About Wendy Gates Corbett, CPTD

Wendy Gates Corbett, CPTD, believes in building belonging within people and workplaces. She champions this through her professional speaking and work as the President of Signature Presentations and as an Adjunct Professor of Management and Leadership at Duke University. Wendy helps companies identify, acknowledge, and address barriers to building thriving workspaces with a culture of belonging. She works with individuals and organizational leaders at all levels to create safe cultures where employees know they can express 100% of themselves without fear. Having trained more than 100,000 people over the past 20 years, Wendy is a respected leader in the training industry. She is a past member of the international board of directors for the Association for Talent Development. Wendy speaks globally on building belonging, confidence, clarity, and powerful presence. She is currently researching the behaviors that build belonging at work and her book on the topic is scheduled to be published in early 2023. LinkedIn,  Company Website,  Speaker Website

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