Cutting the Fat Out of Training to Deliver Business Value


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    Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Leaders expect your learning efforts to do more with less; do it better; and to do it faster. They also expect learning to deliver business-value results while minimizing disruptions to operational processes. In this unique session, participants will explore how to integrate e-learning and the proper use of learning technologies with the context of the Lean business methodology known as Lean learning.
Learning leaders collaborate to seamlessly integrate their learning efforts into existing Lean operational processes. Doing so minimizes disruptions, increases productivity, lowers costs, and captures learning opportunities immediately, improving business performance.

Applying this methodology, learning organizations will never again develop learning initiatives in isolation but ensure its complete operational integration.

Application on the Job:
  • Discover learning opportunities within the business's value chain activities
  • Develop Lean learning process opportunities within the workflow
  • Integrate current e-learning initiatives into a Lean learning process
  • Ensure learning deliver efficient and valued business results

About Ajay M. Pangarkar, CTDP, FCPA, FCMA

Ajay is a Fellow of the Certified Professional Accountant (FCPA), Fellow of the Certified Management Accountants (FCMA), and Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP). Ajay, with partner Teresa Kirkwood, published three books with their recent titled, “The Trainers Balanced Scorecard: A Complete Resource for Linking Learning and Growth to Organizational Strategy". Under his leadership, he’s grown and recently,, into innovative learning solution providers receiving numerous awards from leading professional learning organizations. Ajay is an award-winning author winning the prestigious Readership and Editors’ Award multiple times, awarded several distinctions from, recognized by Elearning Magazine as their 2016 Learning Champion and Thought Leader, and named 2017 “Distinguished Trainer” by The World Training Development Congress. Ajay is a leading course author for LinkedIn Learning and regularly guests for broadcast media discussing workforce performance issues.

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