Six Activities to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Employees


Managing Consultant, The Training Doctor, LLC
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    Wed, Oct 05, 2022 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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Most companies promote individuals to leadership roles first then ask them to learn “new” leadership behaviors like providing feedback, collaborating, solving problems, coaching others and more. Asking people to change their behavior is hard enough, but coupling behavior change with a change in role/title AND with new functional responsibilities is too much for most people to be able to achieve.
Your organization will have more success if you begin to instill leadership skills in your employees early in their career so that “leadership” is simply standard operating procedure.
This session offers six activities to easily and cost-effectively develop leadership skills in – not only your future leaders – but all employees in the organization. A rising tide lifts all boats, after all, right? 

Session participants will be able to 
  • Identify six ways to develop leadership behaviors in employees without formal training

Why People should attend
Boomers and GenX are leaving the workforce in droves and younger generations weren’t expected to ascend to leadership roles this early in their career. This session will help you to quickly ingrain leadership capabilities in your younger employees. 

About Nanette Miner, Ed.D.

Forbes-featured learning and professional-skills development expert, Dr. Nanette Miner specializes in teaching leadership and thinking skills. She is the Managing Consultant for The Training Doctor, which works with small and medium-sized companies (400 - 1000 employees) to help them build a leadership pipeline from within, so they aren't scrambling to fill empty leadership positions.

You can learn more about her work here

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