The 21-Day Plan to Disarming Microaggressions


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Are you looking for ways to start new habits that promote inclusion and the psychological safety for all of your colleagues?

Join Joel Lesko of SunShower Learning to learn about the 21-day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions. Get ready to lead your organization’s own 21-Day plan with greater understanding about what microaggressions are, where they come from, how to speak up against them, and how to take action every day to prevent microaggressions from happening.

3 Key Takeaways: 
  1. Learn what microaggressions are and their harmful impact on people, the workplace and community
  2. Identify the hidden messages that microaggressions carry
  3. Gain skills to speak up, interrupt and disarm microaggressions with interventions in the moment or afterwards

About Joel Lesko

Joel Lesko is a longtime documentary filmmaker, writer, course developer, and public speaker on the topic of unconscious bias and creating a more respectful workplace. Joel's film work has appeared on PBS and cable networks and has received over two dozen film awards. Joel has worked with leading organizations including the Centers for Disease Control, Yale-New Haven Health, AT&T, Liberty Mutual Insurance and others to support their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. SunShower Learning is Joel’s brainchild, bringing his vision for emotionally impactful courses into the workplace. 

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