Gamification and Game-based Learning from Beginner to Pro


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Founder and CEO, Sententia Gamification
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Former Integrated Graphics Operations and Analysis Lab Manager, NASA
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    Tue, Dec 13, 2022 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Gamification and game-based learning are very similar. BOTH are effective to motivate players AND are accessible in terms of  cost and implementation. Would you like to leverage the power of BOTH for learning for adult education and corporate training?
In this interactive webinar, you'll actively participate in crafting new ideas and exploring the possibilities of how to apply game-like thinking to increase learner engagement, comprehension, retention, and sustain motivation.
You will:
  • Examine the science and art behind using play to drive engagement
  • Learn the basics of game design and explore popular game mechanics
  • Take a base set of rules and game materials explore applying game design principles to modify the rules to fit your subject matter
  • Practice a "Fail Fast, Fail Often" development mentality
  • Discover the value of capitalizing on using proven game designs for educational content 

Take advantage of this new evolution in gamification and game-based learning to propel your company forward in the innovative use of gaming mechanics and playful design!
Who Should Attend:
Those on the front-line of designing, developing, writing, and delivering adult education, corporate training, or HR compliance through instructor-led, e-learning, and blended methods.

About Monica Cornetti

Monica Cornetti works with individuals and organizations who want to learn how to think playfully to achieve uncommon results.

A gamification speaker and designer, Monica was repeatedly rated #1 among the “Gamification Gurus Power 100” by RISE from 2015-2020, and this year was recognized as #1 in the Most Influential Women in Gamification who have created a legitimate impact in the gamification industry.

Monica is the President of Sententia, Inc. and leads the company’s education and design projects at Sententia Gamification. She is also the Gamemaster of GamiCon (the international conferences for the gamification of learning) and Head of Faculty at the Gamification Academy.

She is the author of the books Lipstick Lessons, What Were You Thinking?, Totally Awesome Training Activities Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You, and co-author of Deliberate Fun: A Purposeful Application of Game Mechanics to Learning Experiences.

She is a graduate of Seton Hill with a BA in psychology, and The University of Houston-Victoria where she earned a Master’s Degree in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship.

Monica is hired for her skill as a gamification speaker and strategist and is considered at the top of her field in gamification design for corporate training and adult education.

When she is not busy changing learning with gamification, Monica can be found “researching” gameplay with her grandchildren.

About Sharon Goza

After over 30 years at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Sharon Goza brings her talents in gamification of training, software development, narrative design, and project management to the private sector. These combined talents have led her to win numerous awards over her career including Best Narrative Design at the international gamification conference: Gamicon 2019 as well as more than eight NASA exceptional software awards.

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