Creating a Desirable Workplace through Exceptional Onboarding and Continued Career Development


Danny pichardo
Director of Customer Success, simpleshow
Gilbert marchany   erin hmielewski (1)
Director of Training, AbbVie
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    Wed, Aug 17, 2022 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm, employees have more opportunities than ever before to find a position that supports their professional goals. For employers, this means it is critical to prioritize workplace satisfaction and career advancement opportunities to avoid frequent turnover. Join us on August 17 at 12pm PST as simpleshow’s Director of Customer Success, Danny Pichardo and AbbVie’s Associate Director of Training, Gilbert Marchany host an interactive session on optimizing the onboarding process and the importance of supporting career progression.

Attendees will learn:
  • The importance of effective onboarding for increased employee satisfaction
  • Common onboarding pain points and how to tackle them
  • The most effective and sustainable strategies for creating a culture that supports continued career growth

About Danny Pichardo

As Director of Customer Success at simpleshow, Danny Pichardo ensures a positive customer experience for all clients. Danny has been with simpleshow since 2016 and has used his leadership skills and creativity to bring market leading best practices to the simpleshow platform.

Danny holds a degree in communications, specializing in motion pictures and sociology from The University of Miami. 

About Gilbert Marchany

Director of Training at AbbVie, Gil Marchany III has had a 23 year career in the pharma-biotech space utilizing his visionary and innovative leadership to elevate and amplify the world of training.

He is a 2020 LTEN National Innovation Finalist and focuses the majority of his expertise on developing leadership capabilities, mentoring and unrelenting to the status quo.

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