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    Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    2 Hours
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You can use Adobe Captivate in many ways. It has many different features to help you achieve the best eLearning for your audience and the topics they need to learn. One of the features you may have never used is Video Demos. Like Software Simulations, you can focus on capturing the full screen, part of the screen, or an application window. However, Video Demos also give you full fidelity of the captured screen movements and choices made rather than creating a separate slide for each. They also let you capture your microphone and your webcam video, so you can guide learners directly. Publish the final result as an MP4 and you can upload it to your LMS or your favorite video site.

There are several other great features you can implement in video demos. Pan and zoom on parts of your captured video to help the learner focus on what is happening in that area. Add transitions and overlays and trim out parts of the video that you don't want.
Join Joe Ganci, long time Adobe Captivate expert and instructor, for a thorough look at the different features of video demos and how useful they can be to the learning you prepare.
In this session, we will learn how to:
  • Decide on which portion of the screen will be captured
  • Activate or deactivate the webcam, microphone, and system sound
  • Ensure your webcam video looks good
  • Change the background of your webcam video
  • Add a transition at any point in your video
  • Add text, characters, shapes, animations, highlights, and other overlays where you need
  • Turn your webcam video on and off at any point in the video
  • Handle unwanted popups (such as email alerts)
  • Pan and zoom to parts of the screen at the speed you wish
  • Edit and swap out the microphone and the system audio tracks
  • Publish your video

About Joe Ganci

Joe Ganci is widely considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development and technology, and he consults with clients worldwide, creating eLearning modules and templates, often training personnel in their use and then making himself available to assist if necessary.

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