Engaging Virtual Meetings – The Sure-Fire Latest Way To Beat The #1 Virtual Meeting Challenge


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Then you want Engaging Virtual Meetings, the promising and surprising truth to thriving on Virtual

Engaging Virtual Meetings shows you the key secrets to having your attendees say, “I have more energy (rather than less) after 60 minutes meeting with you!”.

When you learn Engaging Virtual Meetings, you will learn:
  • The 6-step ENGAGE method to solve your virtual meeting challenges
  • Fix attendees talking over each other
  • How to look good virtually
  • How to engage everyone even if someone else is talking
  • How to use virtual tools to get work done
  • Powerfully close your meeting and take steps to make your next meeting even more engaging

When you complete Engaging Virtual Meeting, you will notice that you can meet virtually for 4 hours or more, your team is getting things done, your boss notices your leadership, and you look forward to your next meeting.

Register for Engaging Virtual Meetings and get ready to learn Openers, Games and Activities for Communication, Morale, and Trust…NOW!

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Here’s what others had to say:

“I have more energy after virtually meeting you for 60 minutes than any other virtual meeting in my life!” -Donna Cunningham, Cancer Research Nurse, Seattle Genetics

“This is great. Very, very good ideas! Encouragement to have better team meetings with our teams!” -Mitch Simon, CEO, The Simon Alliance

“Massive thanks. We’re going to be seeing a lot of this. It’s great to make new digital connections. “-Sam McNeill, General Manager, Song Division

“You got over 200 people around the world in every timezone engaged! That’s incredible for our first major conference that moved from face-to-face to virtual. THANK YOU!”  - Charva Brown, Fortune 100 Company
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About John Chen

John started Geoteaming 27 years ago and is a recognized thought leader on engaging virtual meetings. He is the John Wiley and Sons author of “Engaging Virtual Meetings” and “50 Digital Team Building Games”, a top selling business book. John’s clients learn from his over 37 years of virtual meeting experience. His work has earned him multiple awards. More than 400,000 clients across the United States and in countries including Spain, France and Taiwan have experienced breakthrough results. 

John is the extreme leader of Geoteaming – he climbs mountains, walks on fire, swims with dolphins in the wild, rides Harleys, organizes Super Bowl Suites while meeting with people from around the world from his computer. When you meet John, you will encounter a dynamic, energetic and effective facilitator who makes friends with everyone. He will help you and your team become the top 1% at what you do.

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