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Author of Before the Mic
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    Tue, Nov 15, 2022 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Too many presenters focus on how their presentation is going to LOOK, and not enough to how it SOUNDS.  Can you blow people's minds with just the words you say? It turns out that presenters can learn a lot from songwriters. Songwriters create beautiful music using writing techniques to ensure that what they create sounds great, long before they think about creating the music video or stage lighting.

This is exactly how we should approach presentation writing, words first, visuals last. In this session, we’ll explore this correlation and show you how to put slides in their proper place.

We’ll take a deep dive into:
  • Structure - How to apply a repeatable award-winning structure to your presentations
  • Melody - How to write a "chorus" for your presentation, and apply analogies and stories to hook the ear of your listener
  • Lyrics - How to refine your words to ensure your performance is flawless
  • Note: This webinar is delivered without any slides!

Note: This webinar is delivered without any slides!

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About Glenn Gibson

Glenn Gibson is the author of presentation skills book Before the Mic, and an award-winning presenter.  As the Global Technology Evangelist for leading technology company, Glenn has combined his love of public speaking and technology throughout his 20-year career - leading software training, product marketing and technology evangelism teams. Glenn has also earned several technology certifications, including VMware (VCP), Citrix (CCP), Microsoft (MCP), and specializing in making complex technical topics simple for anyone to comprehend.
Glenn has written and delivered thousands of presentations in every business context - keynotes, sales pitches, analyst briefings, board meetings - and has trained hundreds of executives and sales professionals in public speaking. Learn more at

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