Experience Design for the Virtual Classroom and Beyond


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L&D Specialist, Lightbulb Moment
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    Thu, Jul 07, 2022 at 8AM Pacific / 11AM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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We all know that we learn from experience, not just what happens in a classroom. And the global pandemic has shown us that whilst the learning can be virtual, it can’t just be a presentation with no interaction. Live online learning specialist Jo Cook draws on her near-decade of experience in the virtual classroom to highlight how experience design can make your sessions hit the learning mark for your attendees, and for you too!
We will cover
  • What experience design is and how to approach it
  • How it’s different from traditional training delivery
  • Why it’s important to involve people in active learning
  • Examples of virtual classroom learning experiences 

About Jo Cook

Through her company Lightbulb Moment, Jo Cook has specialised in training learning professionals about virtual classroom and webinar design and delivery since 2013. Jo is a speaker, instructional designer and classroom facilitator. Jo’s passion is in helping and supporting teams, professionals and organisations embrace the benefits of the live online learning technology and her background includes: further and higher education; the charity sector; small and large organisations, including CNN News and Bupa International.

Find out more about Jo and her work on her website: www.lightbulbmoment.online and follow @LightbulbJo on Twitter

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