Online Presenting Tips for Improving Performance and Increasing Engagement


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    Thu, Apr 21, 2022 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Being able to present online requires tracking a lot of moving parts. Presenters not only need to monitor what they're saying and any visuals they may be presenting, but they also need to keep an eye out for questions, all while making an engaging experience for attendees. Did you know that some ways of asking questions of attendees make all of that harder? It's true, and it's what a lot of presenters do by accident.

Join Kirsten Rourke in a session on managing the online presenting space and building enthusiastic feedback from audiences. During the session she will explore:
  • How to use a waiting room and before session "housekeeping"
  • Ways to promote interaction in the chat pod
  • Tips on the kinds of humor that works for most audiences
  • Getting your head in the right space to make powerful connections

About Kirsten Rourke

Kirsten worked freelance with training vendors for over 25 years, gaining expertise in adjusting to environments on the fly and fixing training programs that weren’t working for clients’ needs. She launched Rourke Training LLC in January 2022 to bring her Prep, Practice, and Pivot method and a focus on instructional design to entrepreneurs and executives who know they need to do public speaking, but are reluctant – or don’t know how – to get started.

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