How to Increase Engagement and Create Memorable eLearning Courses Using Knowledge Checks


Anita horsley
VP of Product Management, Connect for Education
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    Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 8AM Pacific / 11AM Eastern
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One of the primary reasons instructional designers should include knowledge checks in eLearning courses is because they promote mastery of content. Knowledge checks can be scattered throughout an online training course to check learners’ understanding of content every step of the way. After receiving the feedback, learners will feel sure about which areas of a course they fully comprehend, and which areas still need work.

In this session, you will learn how to easily add knowledge check slides to keep your audience engaged and enforce learning and remediation without the pressure and stress of graded assessments.

Key topics covered include:
  • What are Knowledge Check Slides and Why Use them?
  • Promote Mastery of eLearning Content with Knowledge Checks
  • Implement Knowledge Checks in Adobe Captivate
  • Edit Knowledge Check Slide Properties

About Anita Horsley

Anita Horsley has more than 10 years proven track record and experience in digital education, technology delivery, and teaching instructor-led and online. She and is currently, the VP of Product Management for Connect for Education.  Anita has a master’s degree in Education and is an author for Packt Publishing. She presents on eLearning subjects at conferences and teaches Adobe Captivate internationally.

Anita is proficient in project management skills and tools, strategic planning, presentation skills, a variety of authoring and instructional design methods and tools, and a variety of learning management systems. She is a certified Adobe Captivate Instructor and Professional. She also a certified Online Training Professional.  Anita has been working in adult education since 2001, with digital education tools and platforms since 2009, and teaching Adobe Captivate since 2011 including the Adobe Captivate Certified Professional classes.

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