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Senior Business Development Manager, Capsim Management Simulations
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You can't improve what you can't measure. With a growing emphasis on upskilling and reskilling in the training industry, learning leaders are challenged with effectively evaluating skills gaps.  For an accurate evaluation, though, assessments should mirror the real-world environment, be relevant to the learner's job role, and evaluate specific skills at the task level.

New Assessment Technology
Inbox simulations are a new assessment technology enabling L&D professionals to more accurately evaluate and reinforce critical skills as participants navigate real-world problems in an immersive and familiar email environment.

An Inbox simulation platform enables L&D professionals to:
  • Objectively assess soft skills
  • Develop and reinforce new skills
  • Predict on-the-job performance
  • Provide actionable, data-driven feedback
  • Measure employee growth
  • Increase learning transfer to the workplace

Join us for this complimentary webinar where you'll discover:
  • What an inbox simulation is and the science behind it
  • How inbox simulations help you accurately pinpoint skills gaps
  • How inbox simulations help you prepare your employees for on-the-job success
  • How to quickly create custom inbox simulations for your organization

See an inbox simulation in action:  Try a 5-minute Sales Training Demo

About Matthew Shell

Matthew Shell is the Senior Business Development Manager at Capsim Management Simulations where he assists corporate clients and authors with simulation-based training solutions.

Over the last four years, Matt has worked with organizations worldwide to hire and develop talent by assisting in the creation of custom inbox simulations. Additionally, Matt has coordinated with Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, S&P Global Market Intelligence, Cummins, and Eli Lilly to create both self-directed and facilitator-led simulation learning programs.

He is also the author and creator of the digital Escape Room inbox simulation. Matt has an MBA and bachelor’s in psychology from Purdue University Northwest.

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