A Use-Case for Management: How L&D Supports the Growing Needs Across Industries


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Captivate Prime Learning Evangelist, Adobe Digital Learning Solutions
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Recent changes in today’s business landscape led to distinct challenges by different Industries. Industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Banking & Financial Services, Public Sector, Manufacturing – are all required to adjust to the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses. The L&D community are key pillars in identifying methods to support these business challenges.

Please join Jamal Watkins, Adobe Prime Learning Evangelist as he discusses how learning can help to support the growing needs of different business industries.

About Jamal Watkins

Jamal has had an extensive career as a Learning & Development practitioner and leader for approximately 25 years. During this time, Jamal has become adept at influencing business processes by driving business results through the use of blended-learning and human capital management. His professional journey continues to lead to opportunities to partner with key stakeholders that influence employees/customers toward achieving business goals. His professional passion continues to blend learning/talent principles with enabling technologies.

Jamal’s previous work experiences include industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, educational publishing, and software technologies. These enriched experiences have allowed him an opportunity gain a comprehensive and first-hand perspective of how learning technologies help to move the business forward. Jamal is a firm believer that the most important asset of a company are their employees. He enjoys working with enabling learning technologies that facilitate employee and talent development.



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