3 Keys to Getting Employee Engagement Right


Mahan tavakoli
Regional Vice President, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.
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It's estimated that unengaged workers cost the US $350 billion/year and that US businesses lose $11 billion annually as a result of employee turnover. Clearly engagement is a key priority for all organizations - so why is it so low? And more importantly, what can be done-quickly-to get it right?

Join us as Mahan Tavakoli, Regional Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Dale Carnegie, shares best practices and action steps you can take immediately to start improving employee engagement.

Take-aways include:
  • Why organizations have largely failed to turn engagement around despite all the buzz
  • Latest research into the drivers of employee engagement
  • Actions individuals can take - immediately - to start boosting employee morale

About Mahan Tavakoli

Mahan Tavakoli is Regional Vice President for Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., one of the largest and most successful training organizations in the world with offices in over 90 countries. Over the past ten years Mr. Tavakoli has lead the expansion of Dale Carnegie to new markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America helping start the fastest growing operations worldwide in countries as diverse as India, Egypt, Romania and Colombia. For the past four years he has been responsible for Dale Carnegie Training's operations in Latin America. In each of the four years Latin American operations have outpaced the growth of the entire organization by more than double digits. In addition to his operational responsibilities Mr. Tavakoli consults with numerous Dale Carnegie Training clients worldwide and is often featured as a key note speaker on business issues to senior executives of Global 500 organizations.

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