Learning to Do vs Learning to Know


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Everyone who develops educational programs—from CLOs to Commandants to instructional designers—faces a terrible choice with each new initiative.  

Programs that matter use simulations.  Airline flight simulators, Harvard Business School case studies, boot camps, and moot courts all focus on teaching "learning to do." But they are expensive and unscalable.  

Most other educational programs have settled on lectures and workbooks.  These "learning to know" approaches are cost effective, timely, predictable, and scalable.  But over time, education’s heavy reliance on “learning to know” programs has been devastating.  It has put education out of step with sponsors and learners who want their programs to have a real world impact.  

We want to learn how to be leaders, not learn about leaders.  

Our reliance on “learning to know” has led to an entire new cottage industry of complicated metrics to “prove” (never convincingly) that the workbooks and lectures are really having a real world impact.  (Spoiler alert:  they aren’t.)

Industry pioneer Clark Aldrich will highlight the signs of risks of our current practices, but also present paths forward.  

One path forward is ‘Short Sims’ a revolutionary new approach to educational media, designed by Aldrich, that allows anyone to create "learning to do" content—on any topic—in a timely way and that can be used all over the world. 

Attendees of this session will learn:
  • How to identify the risks of traditional workbooks and lectures in your culture
  • Why your educational programs aren’t having much real world impact
  • What “learning to do” methodologies are available, and for what kinds of situations
  • When and how to use Short Sims, a revolutionary technology independent and non-proprietary pedagogy around “learning to do”

About Clark Aldrich

Clark Aldrich is the world's authority on "Learning to Do” that bridges the gap between educational experiences and real world impact. 

He is the world's most experienced designer of educational simulations. A philosopher/practitioner, Aldrich has also created and continues to evolve the first rigorous pedagogy around "learning to do" in educational media. 

He has researched and built more custom simulations for more clients—corporate, government, publishing, and military—than anyone else. His clients for 'learning to do' media range from Visa and Sony to the Department of State, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Center for Army Leadership.

Through his simulations, books, TV appearances, articles, and speeches, Aldrich is the recognized authority on designing interactive educational experiences that improve real world behaviors

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