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Chief Coaching Officer, Progress Coaching
Principal Trainer, Clutch
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    Wed, Dec 07, 2022 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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This webinar will provide a live demonstration of 5 conversation models to apply in your workplace. Hearing how coaching can be applied to common workplace situations will help training leaders learn how to create coaching solutions that support training.

Tim Hagen, nationally recognized expert in workplace coaching, will demonstrate how to apply conversation models to the following workplace scenarios:
  • Career Planning
  • Negative Attitude
  • Lacking Motivation
  • Resistant to Feedback
  • Conversation of Conflict 

About Tim Hagen

Tim and his company Progress Coaching have been helping organizations and their managers implement highly effective coaching for almost 20 years.  Tim is a pioneer in the coaching movement and continues to innovate and build solutions that drive and retain top talent. Tim is also the author of "Quit Managing and Start Coaching" and “Coaching: Corporate America’s Number One Weapon" and the creator of the Progress Coaching Training System.   

About Chris Hokom

Certified Senior Master Trainer & Progress Coach

Having kicked off his career in the public relations industry in 1983, Chris has dedicated most of his professional life to helping organizations successfully implement and nurture sales, service, and leadership cultures.

Harnessing his talents in adapting to cultural diversity, Chris uses his facilitation expertise to inspire organizations worldwide.  From Bahrain to Belgium, Singapore to Sydney, or right here in North America, his message is the same – develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships through continuous learning and skill development.

Chris’ attention to detail, coupled with his capacity to foster safe and comfortable learning environments worldwide, gives him a unique advantage in delivering training and coaching messages with meaning and impact.  His ability to connect with employees from all levels of an organization ensures the credibility of his sessions, and ultimately the transfer of skills and knowledge to the workplace.

As a Certified Senior Master Trainer and Progress Coach, Chris has helped launch the careers of hundreds of trainers in the United States and abroad. By utilizing the latest in adult learning environment concepts, he ensures his trainers and coaches are set up for success when implementing newfound facilitation, coaching and communication skills back in the workplace.


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