Best Practices for Virtual Shared Learning: Collaboration is KEY


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Director of Strategic Design, LEO Learning
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Principal Consultant, LEO Learning
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    Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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The difference between digital learning and digital learning that delivers real change is harnessing the power of collaboration—through shared connection and engagement, sense-making, support, and sustained learner-to-learner networks over time.

Opportunities for working together range from co-creation in virtual workshops and events, to best practice blended learning journeys, to multiplayer gamification. We’ve experienced and learned from every one of these—and more—over the last 18 months. We now want to share our practical thinking, models, and methods with you to drive your own learning success.

Join our LEO consultants, Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Design, and Geoff Bloom, Principal Consultant, as they pass on their expertise in collaborative best practice during an easy-to-use, easy-to-apply session, filled with case studies, practical examples and takeaways.

Register now to:
  • Learn why creating opportunities for collaboration is essential to effective learning
  • See design models, methods and tools for collaboration in virtual workshops, and learning blends
  • See examples of what we’re doing with some of our leading global clients
  • Challenge us and share your ideas
  • Understand why Multiplayer gamified learning is a key future opportunity
  • Get our virtual workshop playbook and more 

About Andrew Joly

As Director of Strategic Design, Andrew leads a large consulting faculty at the front line of digital learning and learning innovation in practice. In this role, he focuses on his personal passion: how technology-enabled learning and communications blends can genuinely transform performance and deliver a measured difference to learners, teams, and global organizations today.

About Geoff Bloom

With almost 40 years of experience, and a strong background in learning design and development, Geoff works alongside clients from all sectors to define, design, develop, deliver, and evaluate learning strategies. He is highly skilled at taking different learning models and styles to create well-balanced blends of learning and is used to working in a wide variety of organizational types and cultures, both nationally and internationally.



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