TechLearn Preview #4: "Our employees are busy" = Microlearning (A Slippery Slope!)


Amy morrisey
President, Artisan E-Learning
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    Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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We live in a fast-paced world.

Our culture thrives on a "need it yesterday" mentality.

There's simply no time for training.

Do you recognize these expressions? Does your organization look to microlearning as the solution to our "too busy" problem?

When business leaders drive training based solely on time, it's often challenging to meet the goals they're looking for. As training professionals, we need to build the appropriate case for a microlearning strategy. (HINT: "They don't have time, so go fast," isn't the greatest strategy!)

In this session, we'll examine when and how microlearning works. And how to get business leaders to embrace what it can do for them. After this session you be able to:
  • Analyze your content for microlearning opportunities
  • Build the case microlearning as a targeted part of your learning strategy
  • Communicate the benefits of microlearning
  • Focus content to the micro-level

About Amy Morrisey

Amy Morrisey is the president of Artisan E-Learning and leads the sales & marketing teams. As president, she stays focused on maintaining the high standards our clients have grown to expect. She believes that staying close to our clients, our people, and our work is a smart way to do that. One of her favorite things to do in the e-learning world is jump in with a client to write a storyboard that is creative and application-based. Before working with Artisan, Amy spent 17 years in corporate training and development predominantly teaching leadership development and coaching teams and executives. She is a past board member of ATD Detroit.



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